Interview With a Prospect: Brody Oliver, WR, Colorado School of Mines

Brody Oliver is an outside wide receiver prospect hailing from Colorado School of Mines, a Division II program with a reputation for high-flying offenses. He is not well-known in draft circles at the moment, but his ability to adjust to the ball and strong hands make him an intriguing potential red zone target. Brody kindly obliged to answer a few of my questions, and the interview is transcribed below. All questions and answers are direct quotes. Enjoy!

Walker Kelly: What made you decide to attend Colorado School of Mines?

Brody Oliver: After only getting recruiting by two schools, Mines seemed the obvious choice. They had a great football team and culture, and one of the top educations in the US. Mines has everything that I was looking for in a school.

WK: Do you think your rigorous educational endeavors (majoring in metallurgical engineering) helped you become a better player?

BO: The rigors definitely helped me. Mines made me into a professional. It required many hours of studying to pass courses and understand concepts that were presented. Metallurgy was an incredible major and the entire department taught me how to learn and to become a professional in everything I do. I take all of those lessons and study habits into football.

WK: What is the biggest strength of your game, and the biggest weakness?

BO: My biggest strength is my ability to catch the ball in traffic or with defenders draped on me. I feel like when the ball is in the air I will always come down with it. My biggest weakness is that I played in Division 2 and did not see top level talent every week of the season.

WK: Who do you try to model your game after?

BO: Cooper Kupp, WR, LA Rams.

WK: What are some of the intricacies of playing wide receiver that the casual fan might not understand?

BO: Being a receiver is a mental battle as well as physical. Having a plan when you’re at the line of scrimmage. Understanding how you can beat your opponent on a route even though he has the winning leverage. Knowing where to be and when to be there so that you are open for your quarterback. Having the timing down with your quarterback so that he isn’t getting pressure before you’re open or you are coming open before he gets to you in his progression. There are many hours of film study and practices that go into having an edge on your opponent before the game so when the ball is snapped you will be on the winning end of the play.

I came away from the interview very impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough Brody was when describing how to play the position. His mental and physical game should both translate to the next level. If your team is searching for a sleeper at WR in the 2019 Draft, look no further than Brody Oliver.

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