Entertainment Time: NFL Draft Prospects and Superheroes.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…………D.K. Metcalf? Every year we take a look at a new set of NFL prospects and compare them to an old set of NFL prospects. Who plays like which player? Which player has traits like which player who is already in the NFL? Player comparisons are hard business. No two players are alike and it seems like every comp has several flaws. So in the essence of fun, let’s take a look at some NFL draft prospects and compare them to superheroes.

Kyler Murray – Spiderman: This one may seem strange to some, but here me out. Spiderman is smaller than most of the villains chasing him on a daily basis. He uses his speed, agility and smarts to get away from and defeat them. On top of that, with just a flick of his wrist, Spiderman can send a ball of web exactly where he needs it to be with tremendous accuracy. While Spiderman is neither the biggest or the strongest, he is one of the most fun superheroes out there and Murray has the ability to be just that in the NFL.

Ed Oliver – The Hulk: I know a lot of people want to compare Metcalf to The Hulk, but Ed Oliver is the real Incredible Hulk. The strength that Oliver shows on the field is otherworldly. He throws offensive lineman around and pushes them over like they are rag-dolls. However, on top of that, Oliver moves better than any man his size should. There has been talk of Oliver being able to play middle linebacker in the NFL. How often does that happen with a player his size? Oliver is truly the Incredible Hulk of this draft class.

Dalton Risner – The Blob: This has nothing to do with the way Risner looks and everything to do with just how good of an offensive lineman he is. The Blob, when he so desires is an unmovable object. Risner is someone that I’ve very rarely seen pushed back and beaten when he is blocking up front. Risner is an absolute hoss up front and when he gets set, you aren’t pushing him backwards, just like The Blob.

Quinnen Williams – The Thing: Quinnen Williams is a big, strong, athletic dude who specializes in throwing the people in front of him out of his way. The Thing is the muscle of the fantastic four, taking on anyone trying to get in their way head on and making mince meat out of them. Sounds a lot like Williams. The Thing always had a talented team of other heroes around him and Williams is always surrounded by other talented players on that Alabama line. That isn’t to discredit Williams or The Thing though, both are extremely valuable and both extremely talented at what they do.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown – The Flash: This one seems pretty self explanatory. The Flash isn’t very big or strong, but he is extremely fast. Likewise, the same can be said for Brown. Especially after he came into the combine at a whopping 166 pounds. Like The Flash, Brown isn’t going to use strength or size to beat his opponent, but he will use his incredible speed to run right past them and around them to victory.

Nick Bosa – Deadpool: At first this comparison may not be readily apparent, but these two fit together perfectly. Deadpool is an expert in martial arts. The best trait Nick Bosa has on the football field is great hand use. He has a bevy of pass rush moves and the best hands in this class. Deadpool is known as The Merc with a Mouth and Nick Bosa has never been shy about sharing his opinion on twitter. Both are more anti-hero than hero and both are extremely good at what they do.

Darrell Henderson – Nightcrawler: Despite their similar sizes, Henderson and Nightcrawler have one more vital thing in common. The ability to be in one place and then appear somewhere else. Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport himself through time and space to escape his enemies. While Henderson may not actually be able to do that, he has the ability to be at the line of scrimmage and then in a split second make a cut and be 20 yards downfield and no one touch him. Neither Nightcrawler, nor Henderson may be the biggest or the strongest. However, their ability to all of a sudden be past their enemies is an amazing feat.

D.K. Metcalf – Superman: As much as I dislike Superman the comic book character, this comp fits with their skills. By now we have all seen that D.K. Metcalf is in impressive physical shape. However, after his impressive 27 reps of 225 at the combine today, he also seems to be more powerful than a locomotive. From all of the reports we have heard, D.K. Metcalf is going to run really well in the 40. Maybe, for instance, faster than a speeding bullet. If you have ever watched him play football, you can clearly see he can leap tall buildings, or defenders at least in a single bound. D.K. Metcalf has become this draft classes Superman.

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