NFL Draft: You believed in Josh Rosen over Baker Mayfield? Can’t Relate.

Quarterback. It’s the hardest position to play, but also the most influential position in professional sports. You control the game, and have the best chance to determine the outcome (See the last 25 super bowl champions). This year’s NFL Draft class is not last year’s, but it has some NFL starters and superstars in it, in my opinion, with the right coaching.
Below are my rankings and comps for this years Draft eligible prospects:

P.S The title of the article may not age well but couldn’t resist my twitter haters.

Top Five

1. Kyler Murray- University of Oklahoma

Thank God Kyler measured out to be 5’10”. “That was a concern for me”… said every pundit who is missing the boat. Murray’s athleticism is unmatched since Michael Vick as a QB prospect. The former 9th overall pick of the Oakland A’s, however, does not play like Michael Vick, and that’s a compliment. He does a much better job sliding, and avoiding the big hit. His arm talent was on full display all season, but especially on one play vs Alabama. The play he made avoiding Anfernee Jennings was impressive, and then stepping up, seeing the safety was flat footed, and dropping a dime 49 yards for a touchdown to Charleston Rambo is the stuff of legends. He does a great job manipulating the pocket to create windows to be able to make all the throws. He’s a great leader (not vocally, but by his play) and you can tell he’s loved by his teammates. Combine all these things and you have a potential superstar on your hands. Kliff Kingsbury and the Arizona Cardinals should be running to the podium to take Kyler Murray. Josh Rosen is not what Kyler Murray will be because Josh Rosen is not a star.

NFL Ceiling Comp: Michael Vick

NFL Floor Comp: Robert Griffin III

Percent Chance to hit his ceiling: 86%

2. Daniel Jones – University of Duke

He might be the most controversial prospect in this class. I’ve seen people have him anywhere from QB1 to QB10 (Shout out Blake here on NFLNext). Here are the facts. The tape is inconsistent. When the tape is good, it’s great, and when it’s bad, it’s non NFL starter bad. I get that. However, the physical gifts and good tape outweigh those negatives. It’s all about Jones’ footwork. When his footwork is right, he’s untouchable and is above Kyler, but those inconsistencies reared their ugly heads a few too many times to rank them that way. I can point to multiple games, throws, and pieces of tape to make my case, but I’d rather leave you with this. If he goes so someone like Jay Gruden (Shout out #HTTR Nation) he will be a star in this league, period.

NFL Ceiling Comp: Ben Roethlisberger

NFL Floor Comp: Ryan Tannehill

Percent Chance to hit ceiling 83%

3. Will Grier – West Virginia University

The things that hold Will Grier back for me are few. Decision making is the most obvious. There were too many red zone turnovers that just can’t happen. His arm talent is good enough, but not great. His biggest issue, far and away for me, is his uncanny ability to take sacks at the worst time. I watched Kirk Cousins for years take sacks you just can’t take, and Grier does it as well. It’s not an awareness issue with Grier, as it is with Cousins, but instead a competitive one, which I love. His tape, his stats, and his deep ball touch are reasons to love him as a prospect. All of those things check the boxes. The top 3 QB’s I have listed, I believe should be day 1 (1st round) picks. They are guys you can build around with the right talent. I believe Grier can be a long term starter in this league, I just don’t have him in the same category as Jones and Murray. He is close, though. The best thing Will Grier is, is a leader. He is a guy like Baker Mayfield who people just gravitate to.

NFL Ceiling Comp: Baker Mayfield

NFL Floor Comp: Matt Moore

Percent Chance to hit ceiling 72%

4. Brett Rypien – Boise State University

Here is the guy I just can’t stop talking about. He may just be the best value proposition in this draft. Most people have a 4th-6th round grade on him. I’d take him somewhere from 90th to 105th overall. The arm talent is vastly underrated in my opinion, and he seems to have it all above the shoulders. He is a gym rat, a good athlete and has a pedigree which is usually a great combination (Brett’s uncle is Mark Rypien, former Super Bowl MVP). The ball is out on time, and he’s accurate. His mechanics are good, and his release is quick. The decision making leaves a lot to be desired, as does the footwork when he’s hurried. Throwing off platform is definitely not a strength either. The decision making is what most scouts point to, however. He makes some decisions that make you scratch your head, but when he throws in rhythm and on time, he’s an NFL quarterback.

NFL Ceiling Comp: Kirk Cousins

NFL Floor Comp: Jake Locker

Percent Chance to hit ceiling 64%

5. Dwayne Haskins – The Ohio State University

Dwayne Haskins as a prospect is in one word to me… confusing. He is a guy who is not a great athlete (as seen in his 5.1 second 40 yard dash) and is going to need a great offensive line at the next level. He did a lot of good things at Ohio State, but never was forced to stretch the ball down the field. There were a lot of crossing routes and underneath throws to guys who were great athletes (See the combine for Parris Campbell,
Terry McLaurin, and Johnnie Dixon). He definitely is great at the white board and has a high football IQ. He’s got all the physical traits, but something to me is off. This is the same feeling I’ve had about countless QBs in the past that the so called experts had crowned “the next big thing” (See my takes on Blake Bortles, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clauson, EJ Manuel, Derek Carr, Josh Freeman, ETC.) They all show flashes of greatness and we overlook their flaws. I hope I’m dead wrong but I just don’t see Haskins as the guy who leads a Franchise to a Super Bowl. I see him as a guy who, if he ends up in Jacksonville, is out of the league in five years.

NFL Ceiling Comp: Matt Ryan

NFL Floor Comp: Paxton Lynch

Percent Chance to hit ceiling 58%

In closing, that’s my top 5 for the 2019 NFL Draft. There’s a few more prospects I see as draftable this year, but you’ll have to wait for NFL Next’s final big board rankings coming soon! Thanks for the read don’t forget to follow us on twitter @nflnextPodcast and follow me @M_Keller24.

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