Why the Denver Broncos must draft Devin Bush, Jr.

The Denver Broncos have a large hole right in the center of its defense. That hole can’t cover tight ends or running backs. Todd Davis is a two-down thumper. Josey Jewell is a nice piece but he doesn’t solve the problem in the middle. With Brandon Marshall’s option declined, the Broncos need a new sheriff. Insert Devin Bush, Jr.

Bush is not a perfect prospect. Not even close. He is, however, someone that will fill a large hole with large amounts of talent. Although he’s short for the position, he is also explosive, rangy and stout. He bubbles off of the screen. Running backs beware.

Bush is the kind of player that new head coach Vic Fangio covets in the middle of his vaunted 3-4 defense. He fills the type of role that Danny Trevathan played during Fangio’s time in Chicago. Guys that are physical and aggressive with a blazing hot motor don’t fall down and squat on your face.

Of course, Denver could draft a sexy pick like a quarterback. Broncos Country would like Drew Lock to save the franchise, but I doubt it. I’d bet my last dollar that Lock is more of a pretender than savior.

If Denver wants to establish a future with a fine defense and capable offense under General Manager John Elway and current quarterback Joe Flacco, it needs to see its other holes and fill them. Drafting Bush is the best way of securing that future.

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