Prospect Anthems: Devin White

The Fourth prospect in this series is LSU’s horse-loving linebacker, Devin White. Now naturally people will want Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi because of the steel horse. I’m going for a song that’s fitting of a hard hitter: Dr. Dre’s Keep Their Heads Ringin. When I put on the tape for Devin White it’s clear that he’s trying to keep the heads ringin. He’s an absolute piss missile when it comes to reacting to a play.

Keep their heads ringin’!

(Ring ding dong

Ring-a-ding ding ding dong)

Keep their heads ringin’!

(Ring ding dong

Ring-a-ding ding ding dong)

Dre is so smooth with these opening lines and the beat knocks hard. White is a smooth runner to the ball, and when he arrives, he knocks hard. The downside to Devin can be that he a is a bit raw. Just a few years ago he was a high level running back looking to follow in the footsteps of Leonard Fournette at LSU. He has some things to clean up in terms of reads, but with experience and coaching I have little doubt that some of those reads will become second nature at the next level.

So I can collect respect’ plus a check

Now I fin’ to get into my mental

Will take care of this business I need to attend to ’cause my rent’s due

As I mentioned, White was a RB turned LB. He gained respect by becoming a Butkus award winner and earning a leadership role within the locker room. To flip positions and become one of the best you need a couple things that he has: God-given ability, great work ethic and to be able to mentally process the change. LBs are, many times, the quarterbacks of the defense and White was certainly that for LSU. LBs need to be able to play a complete game, and be able to talk to the front line and communicate with the defensive backfield. White fits the mold of what a new NFL LB should be. He has the power to shed blockers and track down the ball carriers, while also being able to drop into coverage and use his speed and technique to cover today’s Tight Ends.

Debonair with flair, I scare wear and tear

Without a care, running sh*t as if I was a mayor

But I ain’t no politician, no competition

Sending all opposition to see a mortician

I’m up front, never in the backdrop

Step on stage and get faded just like a flat-top

Devin White certainly does it with flair, as you can see from him riding his horse Daisy-Mae around Tiger stadium. He’s just got a different swag to him. In terms of being up front, Greedy Williams said of White, “Man, that’s a guy he comes with energy every day. He’ll be an outspoken leader on anybody’s team. He comes with high passion, he’ll bring chills through your body with the speeches he gives. I would say he’s one of those Ray Lewis type guys.’’ That cannot be understated. Collecting respect from the players you play with as the vocal leader is something that not many prospects have at an elite college program. On defense, you need someone to step up and be that vocal guy while also letting your play speak. A guy like Ray Lewis is something that all defensive coordinators in the NFL want. It makes their jobs easier when a leader on the team is checking everyone and bringing passion to the field.

Many tried to, but just can’t rock with

I’m 6’1″, 225, of pure chocolate

Your chances of jacking me are slim, G

‘Cause I rock from summer until Santa comes down the chimney

Ho ho ho, and so, as I continue to flow

That 6’1”, 225 is very close, as White checks in at 6’0”, 237 lbs. Sorry Dre, when that size is running a 4.42 second 40 yard dash, it’s a bit scarier. Dre continues to flow, which is the strength to Devin’s game. His sideline to sideline speed is ridiculous. It’s not often you get a guy with the power of a bigger LB and the speed of a defensive back all in one package. That’s what makes White so unique. The sky is the limit for this freak of an athlete. Much like Dre becoming one of the greats and a leader in the studio, Devin has the ability to change a franchise’s defense by becoming a leader and an NFL great. I look forward to Devin White keepin the heads ringin, having a great career and riding into the sunset with Daisy-Mae.

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