Prospect Anthems: Devin White

The Fourth prospect in this series is LSU’s horse-loving linebacker, Devin White. Now naturally people will want Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi because of the steel horse. I’m going for a song that’s fitting of a hard hitter: Dr. Dre’s Keep Their Heads Ringin. When I put on

Prospect Anthems: Nick Bosa

The third prospect in the Prospect Anthems series is Ohio State’s phenomenal edge rusher, Nick Bosa. Bosa, as a prospect, is as clean as it gets on the field. He is much like older brother Joey, in the sense that he is a complete player both as a pass rusher

Prospect Anthems Vol. 2: Kyler Murray

The second prospect in the prospect anthems series is quarterback Kyler Murray. Murray is a very disruptive prospect. He’s not like a lot of other players. He had options. People have been going after him for months trying to get the answer, baseball or football? His non-answers somehow gave the

Prospect Anthems: Ed Oliver

There always seems to be debate on player comparisons. Some people love them and some hate them. Personally, I love them, and when you can do comps outside of football, they become even more fun. Comparing Nick Bosa to his brother is OK I guess, but compare him to a